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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Indian families searching for loved ones missing in Mosul

No ransom demand was made, no video has surfaced, no grave has been found. That is why almost two years on, family members of 39 Indian workers kidnapped in Mosul by the Islamic group ISIS, are still searching for their loved ones – even though one of their companions says they were all killed.

When ISIS took over Mosul in June, 2014, around one hundred foreign workers were trapped at the construction site of University Lake Towers in Mosul. The 40 Indians and 52 Bangladeshis had been contracted for the work by the Tariq Noor al-Huda firm in Baghdad, and were building 1,000 flats, a mosque, schools, roads and a sports stadium in the Jamia district of the city.

The Iraqi workers had left the site when ISIS started attacking the city a few days earlier, telling the foreign workers to lay low. They expected the danger would only last a couple of days. “You are from another country, they will not touch you,” they told them.
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